Thursday, March 3, 2011

Signs ch5: Duet Song?

Chapter 5: Duet Song?

Agnes returned to the café two weeks after the day she handed Jinwoon her musical score. That Saturday night was a week before Bishounen Band’s monthly performance. Some waiters who would perform next week did some practice. This was also one of Bishounen Café’s appeals. At times like this, all waiters including part timers would work because there would be plenty of visitors—and that Saturday night wasn’t an exception.

“Jinwoon, Agnes has come.” Chansung called him. Jinwoon stopped playing drums. His face lightened. He grabbed some papers near him.

“Over here, girl!” he waved the papers. He dragged another chair to the piano.

“You’ve finished it?” Agnes sat next to him and checked the score. Sign, she read the title. “Wow, you filled the lyrics—hey, you changed almost all notes!” she protested and pouted.

He grinned. “Listen first, you’ll like it. Trust me.” He then played the song and transformed into sorrowful mode.
Slowly, her pout replaced by serious expression. Jinwoon did what he said. It wasn’t a song for dying people anymore, but still a brokenhearted song. He fastened the tempo. As his fingers danced on the piano keys, he sang the lyrics. He added some raps. The visitors’ attentions were slowly set on him. Agnes stared at him, examined his expression closely. He was really looked sad. Here comes those eyes from that day, she sighed. Are you that brokenhearted because of her? She felt the same mixed emotions came. Wanted to distract her thought, she joined him playing the piano and singing the last chorus.

People clapped hands when they finished singing. He faced her. “So?” he tilted. He had returned to his cheerful side.
“Well…” she nodded continuously. “You’re right, I like this. Very heartbreaking. Totally.” She whispered the last three words.

“Jinwoon, I think you should perform this song next week. You see, their responses are good.” Jihoon, the café manager commented. He always checked upon Bishounen Band’s practices.

“I’d love to, but this is a song of her, so…” he scratched his head.

“That’s okay, you rewrite the whole song, anyway.” She pouted jokingly. He pushed her lightly.

“I mean you perform it together with Agnes. Make this a duet song, I think that’ll be great. What do you think, Agnes?” Jihoon offered.

Her eyes grew bigger. “I’ve never thought of it as a duet song…”

“This will be a good opportunity for you too, your singing career. I’ll talk to your manager, is that okay?”

Ah, and you can tell how David will quickly approve this offer, she smiled.

Jihoon concluded Agnes agreed with his offer judging from her smile. “Guess you two need more time to practice together, then.” He patted Jinwoon’s shoulder.

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