Thursday, March 3, 2011

Signs ch3: Lovely Side Job

Chapter 3: Lovely Side Job

Jinwoon tried his best to seem not bothered by the news. He managed to pass the phase when his fellows stared at him with pitiful look. They knew he’s fallen for her since the first time he saw her in the café. He still flashed his renowned smiling eyes to everyone every time. One who took a good look on him would know that most of those smiles were fake smiles. However, his fellows decided Jinwoon was going to be okay because he’d found a new side job he loved: co-composing songs.

Recently Agnes had been hanging out alone at Bishounen Café more often than ever. She would stay for two hours or so, order either mineral water or chocolate milk, and busy herself writing musical notes. She was composing songs for her new album. Jinwoon suggested this and that for her—he once joined bands back in his high school time but he quitted after he graduated. He had always had deep interest in music. Eventually, his music preferences were similar with Agnes’.

Jinwoon got the manager’s permission for Agnes using the café’s musical instruments. None played those instruments except Bishounen Band and they only performed on the last Saturday every month. On his break time, Jinwoon would play either guitar or drum to accompany Agnes playing piano. Sometimes they played piano together.

“A new song?” Jinwoon peeked on the paper Agnes was writing.

Agnes gave quick nod. “Yeah. This café is sure a better place to seek for inspirations. I always get stuck easily in my apartment and practice room.” She continued writing as she tapped her fingers following the rhythm from earphone plugged in her left ear.

Jinwoon put down a glass of mineral water. Since he’s been Agnes’ default waiter—Junho persuaded the others to make him this—he knew very well that if Agnes had ordered mineral water on her last visit, then on the current visit she’d order chocolate milkshake, and on the next visit she’d order mineral water again. It’s been regular so Jinwoon didn’t have to ask what she wanted to order.

“Do you bring the song-you-finished-before-this-song’s musical score? I want to play it. You hadn’t finished it on your last visit.”

She scanned papers in her bag then handed some papers to Jinwoon. “Tell me your opinion.”

Jinwoon went to the piano and played the song. The song was sad, totally sad. Its slow rhythm gave an impression of a ripping heart. It sounded like someone who was in the weakest state and couldn’t even ask for help, but still trying to cry out for help. Jinwoon felt gloomy filled up his soul and shivered.

“Yah Agnes, have you by any chance just broken up with your boyfriend or what?” he complained as he sat in front of her.

She stopped writing and unplugged her earphone. “So, how is that song?”

“Sounded like a song for dying people.” He pouted. “It wasn’t like this before!”

“I’m trying to make it as a song for the brokenhearted. It should be that sad, shouldn’t it?”

“Then it’ll be just another mere brokenhearted song. Oh come on, it didn’t even fit your image.”

“I once had a song like this, and it’s quite popular.” she countered.

“Yeah, the single song of your last mini album which wasn’t as successful as the others.” He reminded. Jinwoon did some research on her the night she agreed to let him co-composing her songs and listened to all her previous songs.

Agnes grunted.

“Let me rearranged this one. I promise it’ll still be a song for the brokenhearted, but it won’t be this desperate.” He offered.

She raised her eyebrow. “Are you kidding me?” She had never liked anyone trying to rearrange her own songs.

“Yah, yah, you agreed to have me co-composing your songs, remember? I’m doing my job.”

She grunted again. “Fine, but I don’t think I’m gonna use your composition.”

“Of course, you will.” He smiled victoriously.


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