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Signs ch7: Here Comes The Time

Chapter 7: Here Comes The Time

Time passed by quickly if you didn’t pay attention to it, Agnes thought. Her training would be over in three weeks and she would fly back to her country to promote her almost-done album. She’s excited but at the same time she couldn’t deny there’s part of herself wanting to stay in Korea.

She examined Bishounen Café closely. Jinwoon had taken her orders and would be back in ten minutes. She saw a group of teenage girls chatted and giggled over Chansung. That quiet waiter had his own charms, even though Agnes found Junho was way prettier than him. Obviously, Jinwoon was the best of all.

This café is sure very special. You can flirt with any handsome men without worrying his girlfriend would attack you. She laughed at her thought. I wonder if I could find another one somewhere else.

“What are you looking at?”

Jinwoon’s voice snapped her out. He put down her orders. And I wonder if I could find someone like you.

“Nothing particular.” She smiled groggily. She noticed his voice was nasal and he didn’t seem well.

“Well, enjoy the food. I’ve got to serve the others. Gosh, we’re flooded by visitors tonight.” He wiped his forehead.

“Isn’t that good for you?” she chuckled.

“Of course, I know…” he rolled his eyes.

She stood and touched his forehead. “You got fever.” She gasped. “You should rest.”

“Yeah but as you see, the café is flooded by those people. I’ll talk to you again later.” He excused himself.

Agnes ate her food while glancing at Jinwoon every five minutes. She couldn’t take her eyes off him. You might say it’s only a common fever, but no girls wouldn’t exaggeratedly worry if the one they liked sick—even if he only felt a little dizzy.

Her phone rang when she was in the middle of watching him for the th time. David, her display said.

“Yeah, what is it, David?” she was always a to-the-point girl.

“Make sure you’ll be at JYPE building before 9 tomorrow morning. You have to record Sign again.”

“Isn’t the album in finishing process now? What is with this nonsense so suddenly?” She annoyed.

“Only an additional agreement we’ve put into our contract. JYPE wants you to collaborate with Seulong. He’ll release a new mini-album, which will be released in our country too. They want you and him sing Sign together. That song will be included in his new mini-album as well. You will participate on his album promotion, so you’ll fly—“

“But I have recorded it with Jinwoon! Do you by any chance forget that?” she cut him.

“You will rerecord it tomorrow, what’s so hard about that? This is a rare chance for you, Agnes, and if you ever heard saying said, a chance like this may not come twice.” So typical David.

“I’m not going to replace the previous version.” She said sternly.

“Agnes, we’ve signed the contract.” He stated the same firmly.

“YOU signed the contract.” She said as a matter of fact.

“Agnes, stop being immature!”

“I am not, David. You stop being so money-oriented. Sign was composed by Jinwoon, I have recorded it with Jinwoon, and I have performed it publicly with Jinwoon. I will include Sign as my duet song with Jinwoon in my album, that’s final.” She insisted.

“Why are you so defending Jinwoon? He won’t loss anything since he’s still noted as Sign’s composer so he’ll still receive the royalty. Even if you keep the previous version, we have to find another singer since he can't join your album promotion, right?” he paused to breath. “And it took me months persuading Mr. Park until he finally realized Indonesia is a more potential market for Seulong. Now that he offered you a golden chance which may not come twice, you want to let it slip away?” he paused again. “You sure know this is your dream. This is what all our hard work for.”

“David,” she sighed. “I am not changing the version. I’ll make sure Jinwoon will join the promotion too.” She talked in final note.

“Agnes Monica Muljoto, what the heck is wrong with your brain? Are you lost your mind because you fell in love head over toes on that Jung Jinwoon guy?” he asked furiously.

Agnes startled a bit. “I’ll hang up—“

“You know better than anyone why you shouldn’t let love involved in your work.” David then hung up.

Agnes cursed at her phone as if she was cursing at her brother. That time, she overheard Junho cried Aya’s name. She turned to the front door and saw her friend, pale, being hugged by Yong. Agnes waved to him as the two walked, gesturing she wanted Aya to sit with her.

“Long time no see, Nez.” Aya greeted her in weak voice.

“You didn’t contact me at all. When did you return to Korea? How’s your wedding preparation?”

Aya gave her weak smile. “It’s cancelled.”

Agnes looked at her in horror. “No way.”

“It is… His parents can’t accept a sick daughter in-law.” She uttered bitterly.

Agnes frowned.

“I have cancer, Nez. I may not make it to the end of the year.”

Agnes’ jaw dropped. “B-b-but doesn’t Jay love you so much? Don’t you two love each other?”

“He does. And I do. He opposed the cancellation. He said he loves me unconditionally, he wants to marry me no matter what.” Aya’s eyes were glistened. “But I don’t want him being burdened by taking care of the sick me. I don’t want him to be a widower…” she explained slowly. “So I agreed with his parents.”

“Oh, girl…” Agnes stroked Aya’s hair. She gasped when she saw her lost some hair.

“I don’t regret my decision, however, I miss Jay so much, really…” Aya started to sob. Agnes was about to pull her to her embrace when Jinwoon suddenly stood by their chair.

“Ugh... Finally Jihoon hyung gave me—Aya?” he jumped back a bit.

“Jinwoon…” Aya stood up and hugged him tight. She cried hysterically in her hug.

Agnes eyes grew bigger. She felt a hard pinch on her heart.

“What’s wrong? Hey, Aya, calm down, tell me what’s wrong?” he asked gently as he caressed her back.

“I have nothing now… I’m over…” she whispered between her sobs.

“Hey, hey, what are you saying? You have me. I’ll always be by your side. I’ll never leave you.” He hushed her.

That’s it. The time Jinwoon finished his sentence, Agnes’ heart shattered. He had always liked her all this time, and he still likes her. Why must I be surprised?

She pretended wanting to go to toilet and went to the garden. She sat at the bench and stared at the black sky. She cried silently.

Everyone knew her as a strong, tough, determined girl. People thought it’s hard to find a match guy for her. Only David and a few people around her knew that she’s helpless when it comes to love. In all her secret relationships, she was always the one being hurt.

She had decided she didn’t want to be hurt anymore when she moved to Korea. That’s why she put it aside at first. However, you don’t decide when, where, or whom would you fall in love.

She knew she shouldn’t let her feeling to Jinwoon developed or she’d suffer double pain as he fell in love with Aya. She tried to remind herself the possibility of her heart being broken. Unconsciously, that made her filled her new album with brokenhearted songs.

Her phone rang. It’s David again.

“Yes, David?” she tried to compose her voice.

“I have an offer. You may keep Jinwoon’s version but you still have to rerecord it with Seulong tomorrow. I think we can have two versions of Sign in your album.”

She took out long breath. “Fine, I’ll be at JYPE building at 8. And there’s no need to have two versions, you can remove Jinwoon’s”.

David sensed something wrong with his sister. “What is it now? That Jinwoon guy rejected you? He cheated on you?”

“We’ve never been in relationship, David.” She sniffed.


Seulong here is a soloist. Really can't help my self from putting him in XD

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